Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
H.G. Wells

2018 Ride Schedule

Details coming soon!

  • Milton Keynes to Amsterdam

  • Stow-on-the Wold, Costwolds

  • Kerala, India

About Our Cycling Events

Routes and rides to suit everyone

  • C.O.O.L.

    Cycle Out Of London

    Our C.O.O.L. rides are typically one or two days' duration. Perfect for a weekend warrior, the basic idea is to see somewhere nice, cover a few miles, visit a pub (or two), and generally get a break from your normal life.

  • E.E.

    Explore Europe

    Our E.E. rides are typically between two and four days' duration. Normally more challenging than our C.O.O.L rides, the basic idea is to have an adventure, see some really great European sites, and bond with up to 50 riders.

  • G.I.

    Go International

    For many of us (and our riders) the G.I. rides are the highlight of the year! Typically, each event consists of five or six days' cycling with a couple of travel days — normally followed by a trip to a project supported by our featured charity.

  • Past Rides

    Review what we've achieved, and get inspired to join us!

    See where we've been

About Us


Cycle4Good was born from a group of folks who participated in a number of events supporting childrens' charities. Although we organize and promote cycling events independently of any one charity, all our efforts are focused on raising funds for (and awareness of) some great organizations.

Cycle4Good is a non-profit organization — all of our staff are volunteers and no-one is paid anything for the work they do. 100% of the money you raise goes directly to the charity of your choice! And any entrance fees go towards covering the costs of the rides — if there is any surplus after an event, we donate that to one of our selected charities.


We're all about completing challenges as a group!

A typical ride consists of folks from all walks of life, from the youn'uns in their early twenties through to the more (ahem) mature riders. None of our challenges are a race, and we take pride in the entire group finishing the ride. We are proud to offer pre-event guidance as well as providing a supportive ride dynamic that ensures we all cross the finishing line. The post-event celebrations and beer taste all the better for that!


We're all about supporting children's charities!

Of course we all love cycling, otherwise we wouldn't have founded Cycle4Good. However, there's a more important thing that we're committed to — promoting, supporting, and raising funds for the best children's charities.


We're all about organizing the most fun rides!

We have a very simple principle that we apply to our rides — we ask ourselves whether WE would like to be riders. And that's because we actually DO ride with you. Just like the typical groups on any one ride, we are characterized by having a very wide range of abilities, fitness, and tolerance to discomfort. In other words, if we are planning an event that we wouldn't personally like to take part in, then we'd be doing something wrong!


Cycle4Good is run by the following folks, all of whom give their valuable time, insights and resources for free in the pursuit of 'cycling for good!'

  • Chris Blackham
    Chairman, and generally a bionic man. He's made of 80% carbon fibre and 20% titanium. Also been known to buy beers.
  • Jeremy Cary
    Route Master Extraordinaire. Like a Tao Master, he shows us 'The Way'. He'll also provide more stats about the distances, climbs, descents, and weather conditions than anyone could ever hope for (or indeed want...).
  • Martin Harwar
    Provider of all this Web stuff and, much more importantly, brings on-the-ride music. Tip: Ride alongside me for top tunes (as long as you like Bananarama...).
  • Martin Ash
    Cycling guru and bike mechanics genius. This boy can ride! And like a Texas Ranger, he'll never leave a rider behind.
  • Ben Tate
    Media & messaging expert, with the soul of a true artist. If his surname wasn't already Tate, he'd have changed it by deed poll to 'Le Louvre'.
  • Sophia Bellamy
    Non-profit sector expert, and general all-round angel. She gets through rides with a flutter of those angel wings.
  • James Blackham
    Social media guru and bearer of golden locks. He wants to look like Kurt Cobain, but plays the guitar like Hendrix.
  • Katie Harwar
    Event Administrator and organizer of hotels, restaurants, lunch stops, ferry crossings, and everything else we need but haven't thought of yet. In the words of Homer (the Greek not the American), Katie is 'Mother to us all'.
  • David Williams
    Designer of the most elegant T-shirts/jerseys you'll ever see. He loves The Eagles, but in the words of The Kinks he is a 'dedicated follower of fashion'.
  • Will Blackham
    Logistics guru par excellence. He has calfs like a pit-pony, and can ride all day on a hangover.
  • Alexi Harrison
    Social media guru and organizer of on-the-ride entertainment (but you'll need to join us to know what that means). Hates eggs with a vengeance.
  • Wendy Blackham
    In the words of Homer (still the Greek and still not the American), Wendy is a true 'tamer of horses'. And the way she climbs hills makes us suspect she has invisible Pegasus wings.
  • Anne-Noëlle Le Gal
    Messaging and marketing expert, and provides essential language skills when buying beer in Paris. Ooh-la-la.
  • Oli Thorne
    Insurance guru and speed king. He has 36-inch thighs (each one), but more importantly he assesses the risks associated with our rides and makes sure we are covered. The odds are all he thinks about. Don't play poker with him...


Featured charity


Around the world, millions of children are deprived one of the most basic and cherished rights; a safe and secure childhood. Instead they are forced to live and work on the streets. They are often abused and exploited, many are orphaned or alone. ChildHope believes no child should live in fear without the prospect of a brighter future.


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